Producing business events?

We talk to events producers all the time and if we were to summarize just in one phrase what we hear most often it would be "we need more visitors". So one of the reasons why we have created Tvene was to allow you to attract more customers to your conferences and trade shows. Here are 5 reasons why Tvene would increase your event attendance:

Predictability. Your customers are more likely to attend if they see who else from their professional network will be there.

Variety. It is more likely that someone will make a decision to attend if it is clear that there is going to be a lot of interesting people to network with.

Confidence. It is much easier to justify the event expenses with your boss if you can show the list of meetings you have already scheduled.

Virality. If several people from your network invite you to have a chat at a particular event, you might consider going even if you did not plan that initially.

Comfort. For many people networking is an stressful activity and, though they understand its importance, many of them unconsciously avoid it. But would not it make you feel more comfortable if you had a meeting already scheduled and had your peer`s picture, cell phone # and some basic profile info before you even entered the event floor?

So how do I start?

To give your customers the benefit of productive networking, you need to go through 5 simple steps. The whole process of setting up a new event and inviting your participants is very intuitive and won`t take you longer than 5 minutes.


Set up your event. You will need to indicate the event name, dates and location.


Invite your potential and confirmed participants to join your Tvene event by uploading the list with their contact data and the system will automatically mail out those invitations.


We will build the list of your connections from your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts and you will be able to pick those people you want to invite to your event. The system will send them direct messages with invitations via those services.


Post the link to your Tvene page on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. The more people you attract to your Tvene event, the higher number of viral meeting requests your customers will send out to their colleagues and partners.


When your event is over, ask your customers if they enjoyed using Tvene. Then add some of your personal thoughts and send that feedback to us. We will address your requirements and will work hard to improve the service for you before your next event starts.

You can create up to 3 simultaneous events for free with no limitations on the number of participants. The whole process of event creation is very intuitive and won`t take you longer than 5 minutes. You have nothing to lose, any buzz you can create around your event will be to your advantage. Do it now and see where it takes you!