What can I do with Tvene?


Search for specific business events according to their industry focus, dates and location. When you find what you need, just see who else will be there and which companies will be represented.


Feel free to create those events that are not in our database. It will take you 20 seconds to do so, and when you are done, everyone who plans to  attend those will enjoy the benefits of productive networking.


If you know the event is going to be great, invite your LinkedIn connections to join. Trust us, they will appreciate it. Moreover, they will bring more good people in, so the show will get event better.


Sometimes it is hard to decide if you want to go or not. Start talking to other participants and identify how many interesting conversations you can have if you go. And remember, once you are there, follow up meetings are much more productive than introductory ones.


When you have identified exactly who you want to meet with, just send those people a request to meet. Once confirmed, you will both know that you need to hook up while at event.

Meet up

You will have your peer`s picture and cell phone # on your meetings list which would make it easier to coordinate in a crowd. We are working on a mobile app which would be your perfect cheat sheet.

Tvene is an open service, you can join events, exchange messages and send meeting requests to each other before you actually register for the event itself. You can participate in up to 3 events simultaneously. It is free and doesn`t require any approval from the actual event producers. Just start exploring who else is on Tvene and which events they plan to attend. We hope the experience will be productive for you!