We are a startup team consisting of two friends united by a belief that networking is crucial not only for your personal success but also for the whole ecosystem you are living and working within. So we want to help professionals from all industries, no matter if they are building corporate careers or running their own businesses, become more productive networkers.

We both leave in Kharkiv, which is a large technology and educational center in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Slava Pocheptsov Slava Pocheptsov
Slava is a software developer and is responsible for all the technical part at Tvene.

Before co-founding Tvene he was leading a software development team at Ciklum, a Danish IT outsourcing company, where he was responsible for tech expertise, application architecture and development. He was hooked up by Tvene idea because he is an active member of local IT community and was participating in multiple local conferences and seminars on programming, and having a tool that would help building more meaningful connections at those events seemed like a great idea to him.

Slava is an expert at healthy life style — when not coding another fantastic feature for Tvene, he is playing soccer, cycling, skiing and doing all other types of sports some people are not even aware of.

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Vadym Toma Vadym Toma
Vadym is primarily responsible for business development and marketing.

Before co-founding Tvene he was doing sales at FOG Studios, a US based business development company for game development teams. In that role he was meeting hundreds of decision makers at various industry tradeshows and conferences and that`s where this idea to develop a networking tool for event goers was born. Whatever event he was attending, he always had the whole day packed with back-to-back meetings with existing and potential partners and he was thinking how fabulous it would be to help other people build such great relationships in their industries as well.

Vadym is keen on learning why people do what they do in their daily lives, thus when not busy building a startup and spending time with family and friends, he is reading, watching and listening to all types of media that explain what motivates people to make specific dicisions and perform specific actions.

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