Why using Tvene?

We all know that networking at business events is very often a hit-or-miss process — sometimes you meet a lot of people you have mutual opportunities with, while other times you don`t. And even knowing that, many people still think it is OK to hope that several spontaneous face-to-face conversations will justify the cost of going. But the truth is, those conversations will hardly ever be productive unless you did your homework and did it well.

Here at Tvene we believe offline networking is a corner stone for professionals, both business owners and those who build corporate careers. But we also understand that successful networking takes both planning and practice. Thus we have developed Tvene, a service that allows event goers network in a more focused fashion.

While using Tvene you will be able to chose the most appropriate events to attend, identify networking targets, find common ground for conversations and get prepared to those. This will allow you to have more meetings, make them meaningful and productive and, thanks to that, accelerate your business or career.